Make your outdoor an area for total comfort and relaxation by adding creatively built waterfalls. These water features will not only bring you closer to nature, but they will also improve the aesthetics and value of your property.

Our Magnificent Waterfalls

If you are looking for a company that can provide these wonderful benefits, call us at Red Rock Landscape & Design. We've been designing and building magnificent waterfalls for Oklahoma clients for years, and our unique approach  to creating these types of water features makes us the go-to company by both residential and commercial clients in the state. Our personalized design is another reason why most Edmond residents trust us in their water feature needs.

We don't just design and install waterfalls. We make sure that there is collaboration between you and our design team. We also use premium materials so that you'll have a waterfall that will last for years, without needing major repair or maintenance. As a result, you’ll get stunning outdoor features that become the focal areas in your property.

Choices of Waterfalls

Our design and installation team will help you choose the right type and design of waterfall that will best suit your lifestyle and outdoor needs. We will also consider the existing elements in your landscape, like the hardscapes and softscapes. This is to ensure that the waterfalls will blend well and complement with the other features in the landscape.

Here are some of the popular types that you can choose for your outdoor area:

  • Pondless waterfall. This is the most popular type of waterfall because of its safety features and easy maintenance. Since the pond is covered by stones, it is safer for children or older people to roam around the area. We can design and build a small pondless waterfall near your patio or a large one in your garden.
  • Wall waterfall. A wall waterfall is perfect for a smaller landscape. The water flowing from a wall will dramatically improve the aesthetics of your outdoor area. It can be installed near a patio or a pool. With the right design, location, and builder, you can have a breathtaking water feature that can be the envy of your guests and neighbors.
  • Waterfall with stream. We bring nature in your backyard by adding a stream in your waterfall. The cascading water down the rocks is simply enchanting. And at Red Rock Landscape & Design, we make it more stunning and natural by using stone slabs, boulders, and various plants species. We can also connect this to other water feature in your landscape, particularly on your rock pond.

Why Choose Red Rock Landscape& Design?

The creativity of our people is one of our secrets to designing and building stunning outdoor waterfalls. Moreover, their skills have been honed by the countless water features that they have already created for numerous Oklahoma clients. Our company has also established a strong partnership with reliable suppliers in the country so you’ll get premium materials, from water pumps to natural stones.

If you want a truly relaxing haven in your landscape, hire Red Rock Landscape & Design today. Call us at (405)471-9474.