Outdoor Kitchens

Red Rock Landscape & Design has been providing Oklahoma residents with functional and stunning outdoor kitchens. Our decades of experience in designing and building outdoor living spaces serve as our guarantee that all of our kitchen projects will be completed professionally and with outstanding results.

We've been serving clients from Edmond, Lawton, Tulsa, Bethany, Oklahoma City, and neighboring areas. If you want to experience the same professionalism and quality work that we are known for in these areas, please contact us today.

Customized Designs of Outdoor Kitchens

At Red Rock Landscape & Design, we always aim for the total satisfaction of our clients. We achieve this by collaborating with them and ensuring that all of their needs and preferences are taken into consideration during the planning and design stage. This approach eliminates any misunderstanding and results in faster completion of the outdoor kitchens that we design and build for them.    

While there are pre-built outdoor kitchens that can be bought from DIY shops, our design-and-build team still prefers the customized ones. With customized designs, we can easily incorporate your design preferences and cooking needs. The available outdoor space, the existing features and amenities in your outdoors, and the theme of your landscape are also considered in the overall design and construction of the customized kitchen. But with pre-built ones, these are not possible since the design options are limited.

Complete Features and Amenities

We enhance the functionality of your outdoor space by adding the perfect features and amenities. If you have a limited space, we try to incorporate all the basic features so that you can still have a great outdoor cooking experience. Meanwhile, we suggest more features if you have a large outdoor area. This may include outfitting your kitchen with larger countertops, grills, and ovens.

Other great features that we usually recommend for large outdoor kitchens include:

  • Large storage cabinets. Convenience is one of the objectives of having an outdoor kitchen, so it is just right to have all your cooking paraphernalia within reach. We can add large cabinets to store your cooking utensils and cookware. This will help you organize the kitchen area after a cookout or barbeque party.
  • Mini-bar. A mini-bar is a perfect addition if you want to have a place outdoors where you can relax while sipping your favorite wine. This amenity will also make family gatherings more fun and exciting.
  • Refrigerator and chiller. Going to and fro the indoor kitchen just to get meat and vegetables for your grilled dishes can be too taxing. But with a refrigerator installed in your outdoor kitchen, the tasks will be easier. In addition, serving refreshments to your guests will be faster if you have these amenities.
  • Dining area. We make your outdoor kitchen fully functional by adding dining tables and chairs. We recommend elegant furniture pieces that can withstand elements, such as rain and snow.
  • Lighting. Appropriate lighting fixtures are also recommended to ensure that you can perform all cooking tasks fast and safely. They are also installed in strategic places in the outdoor kitchen.

Call Us for Your Outdoor Kitchen Projects  

A weekend dinner with your family or a barbeque party with your friends will be possible and more fun if you have an outdoor kitchen that is functional, properly designed, and built with premium kitchen materials. At Red Rock Landscape & Design, you can have all these.

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