If you want outdoor features that can bring an aesthetic boost to your property and at the same time provide you practical benefits, then choose patios. And when it comes to designing and building these great outdoor amenities, we at Red Rock Landscape & Design are the people you can trust in Edmond, Oklahoma. With reliable partners providing us with quality materials, we can turn your dream patio into reality. Call us at (405)471-9474.

Patio Benefits

Patios are examples of outdoor living areas that effectively serve as extensions of your indoors. This means that you can relax and unwind outdoors with the added benefit of the cool breeze that will soothe and relax your tired body and mind. Another patio benefit is the possibility of using it to hold social events, like birthday parties, weekend barbecues, and the like. This means that in case of a birthday party, you need not worry about renting a posh venue since your patio will be more than enough. Additionally, a well-designed patio can effectively turn your outdoors into a more attractive and inviting haven of rest and relaxation – something that you and your family or guests will surely appreciate.

Patio Design Options

We can achieve various patio themes with the effective use of design elements and premium materials. Accordingly, we can offer you these design options:

  • Old World. This classic patio design is perfect for property owners who love the idea of turning their outdoors into a space reminiscent of antique villages. We can easily achieve this by using the Old World paver collection from our partner suppliers.
  • Modern. A modern-design patio has a clean look and lively appearance and is complete with modern furniture for truly inviting appeal. This is your logical choice if your property’s existing design is modernistic.
  • Mediterranean. If you love the handsome design and charming appeal of a Mediterranean patio oasis (complete with palm trees and brick pavement), then let us recreate one for you.

Meanwhile, we provide clients with options to go for either a roofed or an open patio design. With a roofed patio, you won’t have to worry about a sudden downpour ruining your relaxation as you’re protected from it. With an open patio, meanwhile, you can fully bask in the warmth of the sun as you share great conversation with your loved ones or friends over a cup of coffee.

Best Designed Patios from Red Rock Landscape

At Red Rock Landscape & Design, we provide clients with the best designed patios that are built to last a lifetime. We achieve this by using only the finest materials from trusted partners, like Belgard, Oldcastle, Big Rock Products, and exclusive stone suppliers.

These partners supply us with premium patio materials – from flooring tiles and pavers to walls and steps – allowing us to create durable and attractive patios. We also offer our services at rates that you can surely afford. Best of all, we have skilled people who have created some truly wonderful outdoor features for Oklahoma clients. Contact us today.