Outdoor Fireplaces

Staying extended time outdoors even during colder nights will be more fun and exciting if you have outdoor fireplaces installed in strategic places in your landscape. You can have them in your patio, outdoor kitchen, and other outdoor living areas. These fire features are not only needed for the aesthetic boost of your outdoor area, but they also provide the much needed warmth during outdoor activities and special bonding moments with your family.

If you are planning to have one or you want to replace your outdated fireplace, please contact Red Rock Landscape & Design today. We can design and install different types of outdoor fireplaces for residential and commercial clients. Although we are based in Edmond, we can still cater clients from Oklahoma City, Bethany, Lawton, Tulsa, and other areas in Oklahoma.

Customized or Pre-Built Outdoor Fireplaces

Based on our experience, most clients are confused on which type of outdoor fireplace to choose and the best design that will perfectly fit their landscape. We don’t want you to be in the same situation. That's why we see to it that you'll have enough options when you hire us to design and install fire features for your property. We also consider other factors, such as the cost, length of installation, and available space before we build your fire features.

Here are your options and the advantages of each fireplace type:

  • Custom-built fireplace. You may choose this type if you want a highly personalized outdoor fireplace design. Your preferences, particularly on the size, style, and finish, can be easily incorporated in a custom-built outdoor fireplace. We can also help you decide on the best theme or design appropriate for your area. Achieving a Mediterranean, Southwestern, modern, or traditional theme for your fire feature is always possible with a customized fireplace. You may also choose from the different types of materials available, like bricks, concrete, stucco, and natural stones. Another great advantage of custom-built outdoor fireplaces is you can choose between the freestanding and fixed types.
  • Pre-built fireplace. If you want a hassle-free installation, opt for our pre-built outdoor fireplaces. Since they are made by Belgard, the leading manufacturer of hardscaping materials in the country, you are assured of quality products and elegant designs. The ready-made modular units will be delivered to you and can be installed immediately. With a pre-built one, there will be no more waiting time and messy work area. Our pre-built fireplaces can easily complement the design theme of your outdoor area. 

Great Outdoor Living Experience

At Red Rock Landscape & Design, we will transform your outdoor area into a cozy place by installing the outdoor fireplace of your choice. We will also add fireplace amenities (sitting areas, outdoor furniture) and safety accessories (spark guard screens, fireplace screens, log racks) to make sure that you'll get the best outdoor living experience. Moreover, our materials are tested to withstand harsh environmental conditions, which mean you can enjoy the benefits of your outdoor fireplaces for years without the need for major repair and maintenance. Call us at (405) 471-9474, or visit our Edmond office to discuss with us your fire feature needs.