You may have a large garden complete with impressive plantings and hardscapes, but it could seem incomplete. Maybe it lacks certain amenities or, perhaps, some features made of wood with intricate designs. In this regard, your property may not truly provide the satisfaction that you need in terms of aesthetics and practical benefits. Our solution is to build attractive, sturdy, and functional pergolas to make your outdoors stand out.

Pergolas: Functions and Benefits

A pergola is an outdoor feature that can serve various purposes, both practical and aesthetic-wise. It can function as an extension of your indoors and serves as a place of rest and relaxation. This can be made possible by installing furniture like an outdoor sofa set.

It can also double as an events place where birthdays and small meetings can be held. It’s also possible to enjoy long idle hours under its shade, especially if it’s covered by bougainvillea, Virginia creeper, grapevines, and other creeping plants. Meanwhile, the intricate latticework that pergolas are known for effectively makes them great additions to an outdoor area.

Where to Install Pergolas

Meanwhile, there are specific areas around your property where we recommend pergolas be installed. These areas are:

  • Pool. A pergola near a pool will not only provide you needed shade but will also make your pool area more inviting.
  • Outdoor kitchen. If you have an outdoor kitchen, putting a pergola over it will surely make it more attractive. It will also offer shade during summer days and even during winter (provided you go for a roofed pergola).
  • Walkway. The best way to make your walkways cooler and more secluded is to have nicely designed pergolas built over them.
  • Garden. Gardens are interesting as they are; but with a pergola, they can be doubly attractive.
  • Patio. A pergola installed in your patio area will make such outdoor space much more relaxing.

Great Designs and Best Materials

With our years of experience creating various outdoor features, we at Red Rock Landscape & Design can install functional pergolas that also look great on any Oklahoma property. Accordingly, we can create various themes or designs that would complement your property’s overall design – modern, Old World, or Zen inspired. We could, likewise, use specific wood types to suit your taste, including:

  • Cedar
  • Ipe
  • Redwood
  • Cypress
  • Pine

Hire Red Rock Landscape & Design

If you want to enjoy truly wonderful pergolas installed by certified professionals, then call us at (405) 471-9474. We can translate your ideas into an outdoor structure that fuses form and functionality into one neat package. Every pergola that we make is guaranteed built to last, made possible by our skilled craftsmen who are using only the finest quality materials. With partners, like Belgard and other reliable suppliers, we can offer our clients unmatched assurance of total enjoyment from our installed outdoor amenities. Just dial our number or visit our office to discuss how we can build your dream pergola. We service El Reno, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and other areas in the state.